Patented Technologies

Lophius Biosciences has two proprietary technology platforms for the development of novel, T cell based diagnostic products in the field of transplantation medicine, infectious and autoimmune diseases: UREA technology and Reverse T cell technology (RTT).

The UREA technology is an innovative method to enhance the T cell stimulatory characteristics of proteins and allows the sensitive detection of a broad spectrum of clinically relevant populations of effector cells. UREA-treated proteins are processed not only in the exogenous signaling pathway (MHC II) but also in the endogenous pathway (MHC I) of functional antigen-presenting cells, activating T-helper cells as well as cytotoxic T cells.

The UREA technology forms the basis for the development of innovative, mostly HLA-independent diagnostic kits for measuring the functionality of cell-mediated immunity of transplant recipients. The simultaneous determination of both the quantitative and functional virus-specific immune response is expected to support the physician to individually adjust the immunosuppressive and antiviral treatment in the future. Clinical studies will follow shortly. Moreover, the UREA technology will be the basis for the development of improved vaccine candidates.

The reverse T cell technology (RTT) is a unique technology platform for the detection of pathogen-specific activated T cells. Activated T cells appear transiently in active microbial infections as well as in chronic inflammatory diseases and are thus an interesting immunological marker for a reliable diagnosis of active infectious diseases and the early diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

Lophius Biosciences is currently focusing on the development of T cell kits which will provide reliable proof of an active tuberculosis, one of the three main causes of death from infectious diseases.

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